Irrigating a wound is crucial for removing debris and promoting healthy healing. However, the traditional design of basins can create an unstable positioning of the limb, leading to leakage of fluids and an unsafe work environment.

OR Today | News and Notes | Surgeon’s Invention Addresses Extremity Wound ProceduresAccording to data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and the U.S. Department of Defense, an irrigation basin may be utilized in nearly seven million instances each year for the care of upper and lower extremity problems such as ulcerations, lacerations, burns, as well as extremity war injuries. The use of basins in the operating room for surgical wounds only adds to this overall number.

Wound irrigation has traditionally required the assistance of multiple team members to position the limb and hold the suction apparatus. Furthermore, because basin walls are not contoured, surgical teams are forced to cut the basin walls to create “windows” to accommodate the limb, leaving sharp edges that need to be padded with sterile towels.

An orthopedic surgeon has created a solution to these everyday obstacles by teaming up with Medline to bring a safer and more time-efficient option to market. The patented invention is called the Limb Basin.

“Basins have historically been less than user-friendly for surgeons. The Limb Basin is the first and only irrigation basin that is hands-free and ergonomically engineered to cradle upper and lower limbs,” said Dr. Raymond Wurapa, a surgeon with Orthopedic ONE who has more than 15 years of experience operating at Columbus, Ohio-based Mount Carmel Health System. “Because the Limb Basin incorporates all relevant aspects of the traditional basin, it can be easily adapted into practice without changing a surgeon’s typical protocol.”

Wurapa and Medline coordinated a trial among surgeons in the Columbus area. One participating surgeon, Dr. Ty Fowler, orthopedic surgeon and trauma specialist, said “this innovation just makes sense. The Limb Basin helps decrease operating room time for surgical staff and provides a safer working environment. It is simply more convenient than the traditional process.”

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