Lead Aprons

Q: Is it acceptable to place lead aprons in each OR Suite? Currently the aprons are located on a cart in the hall. With the increase in equipment facilities are always looking for more space.

A: We have a coat rack in the OR suites and hang lead on that.

A: We have purchased a specific X-Ray Apron Rack/Hanger.

A: Aprons should not be kept in the OR.

A: The lead aprons are (from what I understand) a piece of equipment and should be stored as such. We store ours in the equipment room.

A: I am thinking the X-ray apron racks are outside of the actual OR suite and kept within the restricted area.

Beards in the OR

Q: Are beards allowed in the OR? Do they have to be covered?

A: All facial hair is to be covered. There are specialty masks for that. Look at you vendor catalog for masks and bouffants.

A: We have a hood that covers the side and neck.

A: Yes, beards should be covered. Medline makes a full head cover that covers the nape of the neck and side cheeks. They also make a beard mask. You would need to wear it along with a regular mask though.

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