Q: When travelers are used to complement staff during times of need, if a traveler is not a good fit can they be let go, or is the facility still bound to an agreement? Is each travel contract different or are all of them pretty similar?

A: You can absolutely let them go!

A: They can be let go if they are not meeting the requirements of the position, have personality conflicts, not performing well, etc. I’ve not had any issues cx’ing someone who doesn’t work out.

A: When the individual is not as promised – doesn’t meet expectations – we have stopped service/contract. We have the right to stop service if the individual is not meeting expectations.

Flash Pans

Q: Is it still acceptable to flash an item that was dropped/or needed for the next case? Now, facilities have (closed) pans for need back items or immediate use. Should the open pans be taken out of service?

A: You may process a dropped item after it has been dropped if no other like instrument is available. However, it must be sent to Sterile Processing for cleaning prior to the IUSS process. Only closed pans are permitted to maintain sterility during transport to the usage point.

A: No open pans.

Street clothes

Q: What, if anything, are you doing to identify pharmaceutical reps in the OR? We have so many reps and even though they have badges it is very difficult to know who they are. Staff feels it is unsafe and I am thinking of implementing wearing a “red” bouffant. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A: We allow one rep in a room at a time and in addition to signing into Vendor Mate they have to log themselves in and out at the nurses station and identify their purpose for their presence. But I do think a red bouffant is a great idea!

A: Our reps have to sign in to Vendor Mate and wear a red bouffant. If the rep doesn’t have a meeting scheduled in Vendor Mate, they are not to be in the department. My boss and staff police this really well. I have seen my boss in action. He will ban them from the OR if they sneak in. Surgeons seem to like this as well. They don’t like to tell the reps no, so this process works for them also.

A: We use red bouffant hats to identify vendors.