Water in Pans

When instruments are removed from the autoclave and not given an adequate time to cool down sometimes condensation can form inside the instrument pans. Is it considered contaminated if a pan has water in the bottom tray, but has met all the sterilization parameters?

A: I remember the various container reps at this years AORN conference in Boston said “Yes.”

A: Yes it is.

A: Yes.

A: Yes, it is considered contaminated if any condensation is either on the packaging or inside the tray. It must be dry to be considered sterile.

Code Blue in OR

What is the protocol at your facility regarding calling a code blue in the OR? Is the code paged overhead and/or a hospital code team notified or is the code handled internally by OR personnel? We are working to clarify our policy for non-OR personnel who currently respond to code blues in the OR. Confusion arises when they show up and aren’t sure of whether they should enter the OR, put on a bunny suit, etc. If anyone has a policy specific to these questions and is willing to share I would greatly appreciate it.

A: Our OR team only handles OR codes.

A: We handle all our own codes in the OR until late in the evening or when on call. That is when we ask them to overhead page for assistance due to limited staffing. We have the bunny suits, hats and shoe covers readily available in the entrance.

De-Stress Tips Needed

Being a nurse is stressful. We all know that! But how do you de-stress?

A: Remember to take care of yourself. These tips are basic, but important. Get a good night’s sleep and have a routine for relaxing before bed, eat healthy, exercise and spend time with family and friends when you are off.

A: Walk to the pond and feed the ducks.

A: Go outside for lunch and disconnect from technology (even Facebook). Do meditative breathing and focus on nature and the sound of birds.

A: That’s a very good idea.

A: I got this from an article some time ago and keep it on my bulletin board.

7 Ways to Combat Burnout

1) Recognize Burnout:

Feeling underappreciated

Unclear job demands

Too many projects

Not enough sleep

Lack of close relationships

High-achieving Type A a personalities

The need to control everything

A pessimistic view of themselves

2) Promote emotional and physical health (eat right, sleep and exercise)

3) Create a positive work environment and open door policy

4) Address staffing concerns immediately

5) Take regular breaks

6) Disconnect from technology for 10-15 minutes and do meditative breathing. If you can’t get out of the office, close your office door and put up a sign saying you will return in 15 minutes

7) Seek out support, have an outlet to channel your thoughts, feelings and emotions (employee assistance programs to vent confidentially to a counselor)

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