Stryker has announced the release of the SurgiCount Tablet, a new touch-screen interface for its revolutionary SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System, which supports the fight against retained surgical sponges and promotes patient safety.

“We’ve taken our SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System to the next level with the SurgiCount Tablet,” said Nate Miersma, director of surgical safety at Stryker. “The new interface offers expanded capabilities that make it even easier to keep track of each individual sponge or towel used in a surgery and dramatically reduce the risk of a retained sponge.”

The SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System utilizes uniquely identified sponges and towels to provide a precise, real-time count so the surgical team can close a procedure – and a patient – with confidence. The hospital’s SurgiCount 360 software maintains a record of the SurgiCount-verified correct count so that surgeons, nurses and hospital administrators have a permanent record of the verified count.

The new SurgiCount Tablet features a large, 10-inch display and interactive touch screen with more menu options, including wound-pack reconciliation. Pole or wall-mount options enable hands-free operation, and a slip-in battery slot allows for continuous operation without shutting down.

The SurgiCount Tablet also features new Wi-Fi capability with real-time, fully encrypted data transfer to a secure cloud-based server that offers integration with SurgiCount 360 software and an administrator portal for password-protected VPN access from any onsite or remote computer.