STERIS OT 1000 Orthopedic Surgical Tables include SWAN technology, an articulation capability that allows movement of the patient for anterior approach total hip arthroplasty (AATHA), fracture reduction and other orthopedic procedures. Slide, traction and rotation of the boot are controlled with one hand, and the other manages movement of the leg spar. This allows gross and fine traction positioning and a full range of motion without interference from the equipment.

The imaging capabilities of the orthopedic surgical tables are designed to optimize a full range of images, and to provide C-arm access for supine, prone and lateral positions. In addition, a free-floating clamp allows the traction device to be aligned with the spar for less restricted imaging angles. The radiolucent spars minimize interference, but can also be positioned out of the imaging area if needed. The table’s lateral translation function shifts patients away from the table core to help improve imaging results.

The OT 1000 Series tables offers ergonomic table controls, an illuminated hand control with touch pad activation for various functions, and a drive function that a single user can maneuver. The tables also have a quick release mechanism on the boot, headrest and lateral slide, an integrated safety lock, and accommodate a wide range of patients. They are also compatible with most STERIS and AMSCO surgical table.

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