Spectra254 Spectra 900 Series Overhead Sanitization System

The Spectra 900 Series Overhead UVC Sanitization System is a fixed decontamination system similar to an overhead permanently installed UVC light fixture that is designed to kill pathogens in enclosed rooms with typical dimensions of 8 x 8 x 8 feet. The remote-controlled Spectra 900 uses three high-output UVC bulbs to eliminate pathogens on all surfaces and is ideal for laboratories, surgical suites, operating rooms, self-service kiosk medical stations, patient dressing rooms, patient exam rooms and mobile medical stations used for telemedicine. Independent laboratory tests find that the Spectra 900 Series Overhead Sanitization System is 99.9 percent effective in killing C. difficile spores, MRSA and an Ebola surrogate pathogen in as little as five minutes.