Span-America Medical Systems Inc. introduces a 42-inch expander kit for its Rexx and Advantage models following the recent introduction of its premium Encore bed with advanced caregiving features such as on-board ReadyWide sleep surface expansion.

Engineered for easy attachment and sturdy support, the new expanders allow the Q-Series beds to provide increased user comfort and an added level of safety during repositioning. Published studies indicate that a wider sleeping surface can reduce the risk of falls, particularly in residents accustomed to sleeping on a common consumer product.

Installation of the expanders is intuitive. The expander units attach and detach without tools following removal of the corner mattress retainers. A spring-loaded latch fastens the expander units securely to the underside of the head, knee and foot decks. The kit includes form-fitted molded foam storage units to support long-term use.

Span’s half-head assist rails – in molded plastic or steel – are fully compatible, fitting to the expander unit before it is attached to the deck.