Smiths Medical has launched a new Snuggle Warm poncho-style convective warming blanket to help maintain a patient’s body temperature before, during and after surgery.

The Snuggle Warm poncho blanket is ideal for pelvic, abdominal and leg surgery because it allows full access to those areas while simultaneously warming the patient’s back, shoulders and chest. It has pre-opened arm and head openings to save time and effort when placing on a patient, and its two hose ports allow flexible placement of the warming unit. The blanket accommodates lithotomy and supine positions with arms extended or tucked. In addition, this novel blanket can be reversed for use before or after surgery in warming the front of the patient’s torso as well as the shoulders and upper back. Made of soft, flexible, durable material, Snuggle Warm blankets conform to patient anatomy for maximum heat retention and comfort, and also resist tears and punctures.

Convective warming blankets are designed to help surgical patients arrive in recovery normothermic (normal body temperature).