Ruhof has announced a new single-use cannulated instrument cleaning device.

The CS/SPD Pull Thru is an instrument cleaning device, which can be effectively used to clean the hard-to-reach narrow lumen channels of laparoscopic and cannulated instruments in a single pass. The CS/SPD Pull Thru is designed to clean instruments with lumens from 3 mm to 15 mm. It may be used with Ruhof’s multi-tiered enzymatic detergents for more effective cleaning.

The unique four-wiper design of the CS/SPD Pull Thru provides a complete circumferential seal in the lumen channel, thereby removing almost all residue in a single pass. The 360 degree seal creates a vacuum which draws detergent through the lumen removing residue from crevices or other areas of minor damage in the lumen. The vacuum also ensures the lumen is completely filled with detergent to attack and remove bioburden. The single pass cleaning action significantly reduces cleaning time while improving the overall efficacy of the cleaning process.

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