Megadyne Medical Products has announced that its newest product release, the ZIP Pen, is the first place winner in the “Surgical Instrument” category of the 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products (ESP) Awards. The Zip Pen’s patented design functions like a standard electrosurgical pencil, while effortlessly removing surgical smoke in a highly ergonomic manner unlike any other surgical smoke removal pencil.

Expert users of cutting-edge products and innovative technology identified which companies and products were deserving of the 2015 ESP Awards by selecting those that contributed most to surgical performance, efficiency and safety. This panel of experts awarded the ZIP Pen with the first place award, recognizing it as a premier product in the surgical instrument category.

Surgical smoke is an operating room hazard that has gone virtually unchecked for decades, due in large part to surgeon resistance to cumbersome smoke evacuation hand pieces. Unlike other smoke evacuation pencils, ZIP Pen provides ergonomic grip options that eliminate the drag historically created by the tubing on the back of smoke evacuation pencils. The result is a smoke evacuation device with ergonomic options for surgeon comfort and procedural flexibility. •