Viztek has announced that Meadville Medical Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania, is expanding its Viztek product suite and installing its Leggera Wireless DR panels. In 2013, Meadville implemented Viztek’s Opal-PACS.

The Viztek DR solution uses integrated, wireless flat panel detectors offering advanced image quality and dose conscious capabilities, allowing for the most efficient workflow. The 235-bed hospital previously used a two-panel detector system, each with a tethered cord. The design proved to be cumbersome and difficult to position under a patient. Now, with Viztek’s DR solution, the lightweight and durable wireless detectors are easy to use and provide high-quality images within seconds of exposure.

“To me, being a leader in the imaging world means educating yourself on the latest and greatest technologies available on the market; do not follow the status quo,” stated Terry Beck, BSBA, RT, MR (R) Director of Radiology & Emergency Management. “Just because it’s a well-known original equipment manufacturer, does not mean it’s the best. Customer service is, hands down, one of my top requirements in selecting a vendor and Viztek does an exceptional job with this.”

The Leggera panels have increased productivity at Meadville, positively impacting the bottom line. Technologists and physicians have noticed a more efficient workflow mainly due to the wireless technology, streamlined workstation interface and the speed in which the image is processed. For patients, Meadville was able to reduce imaging techniques and that has reduced patient radiation dose, which is its most important goal, to deliver safe, high-quality, cost-effective care. •

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