kimberly-clark-1Kimberly-Clark Health Care has announced the availability of the new Aero Blue Performance Surgical Gown. This soft, lightweight gown is four times more protective than other comparable surgical gowns while providing users with unsurpassed comfort, according to the company.

Aero Blue features a proprietary fabric with innovative Core technology that delivers the highest fluid protection available in a Level 3 surgical gown as defined by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), according to Kimberly-Clark.

Bodily fluids and microorganisms can be dangerous sources of contamination in the operating room, putting surgical staff and patients at risk for bacterial and viral transmission. Surgical attire that is resistant to penetration by blood and other fluids can help minimize risk of infection by preventing exposure.

Aero Blue’s new performance fabric has a protective inner core that prevents fluid penetration — even under extreme high-pressure testing — while allowing moisture vapor to pass through the gown. Additionally, a highly breathable back panel maximizes air flow for cool comfort. The fabric’s copolymer technology provides softness and a flexible fit, giving wearers full range of motion. Aero Blue also provides greater resistance to linting and abrasion than other leading surgical gowns.

In head-to-head fluid resistance tests with other competitive single-use surgical gowns currently available, Aero Blue delivered four times greater fluid protection than other non-reinforced gowns in the AAMI Level 3 category, and two times greater protection than fabric-reinforced gowns, according to Kimberly-Clark.

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