Kimberly-Clark and Novation has announced that for the first time in the history of the Kleenex brand, Kimberly-Clark is offering its complete line of hand-hygiene products via an exclusive contract through NOVAPLUS.

The new five-year agreement represents the first NOVAPLUS contract for hand-hygiene products. Through the agreement, Kleenex and Scott antimicrobial hand soap and washes, instant hand sanitizers, dispensers, and hand lotion will be sold and supported through the program. This provides savings of up to 20 percent to the more than 100,000 hospitals and affiliates that Novation serves, including members of VHA, UHC, Children’s Hospital Association and Provista. The effort is designed to help healthcare organizations — as well as educational institutions — lower costs and increase the quality of care and experience in the critical areas of hygiene compliance and infection prevention.

Through the agreement, Kleenex hand hygiene products will be sold and marketed using the recognition and support of the highly recognized NOVAPLUS private-label program, which delivers the best financial value on the products and services that hospitals use most frequently.