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OR Today Magazine | December 2012 | IMP Innovative Medical Products

Sports related injuries on the rise but so are remedies. “It’s rather ironic, but the more healthy and active we become, the more susceptible we are to sports related injuries,” notes Edward De Mayo, M.D., orthopedic consultant and technical product designer for Innovative Medical Products Inc. “Nowadays people are active virtually throughout their entire lifetimes – not just into their 50s or 60s but even into their 70s and 80s. It’s common to see ‘senior’ soccer teams, for example. All this activity might be great for the cardiovascular system, but not so good orthopedically.

“The problem is we’ve got mature bodies engaging in basically teenage sports, so we are seeing a lot more joint injuries to shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. Fortunately, we’re also seeing advances in how better to treat and repair these injuries. This means doing a lot less invasive surgery, getting much better access to the surgical site and achieving way more efficiency – benefitting both the patient and the surgeon, not to mention the entire OR staff. These advances in orthopedic procedures are due in part to solution-providers like Innovative Medical Products.”

New IMP product line exclusively dedicated to sports medicine

Innovative Medical Products (IMP) provides a new product line exclusively dedicated to sports medicine.

The new line encompasses a full range of positioning devices for the arthroscopic surgical repair of sports injuries including the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. The sports medicine line employs the same type of innovative positioning technology IMP has successfully developed for total joint replacement.

“With our entrance into the sports medicine arena, we will be able to utilize our existing positioning technology to bring innovative solutions to this fast-growing area of surgical procedures,” says Jim Bailey, IMP president. “Even though the product line is new for us, the experience and value we will bring to arthroscopic joint surgery is founded on our almost three decades of success in patient positioning solutions.

“In other words, IMP sports medicine products will mean better outcomes for both patient and doctor in the same outstanding way our total joint positioners have performed. IMP’s proven technology will enhance arthroscopic procedure efficiencies and improve the pace of sports injury surgery when operating room scheduling time is at a premium.”

The new sports medicine line from IMP includes a Tri-pull Secure Solution that offers a complete system for better access to the surgical site. The system’s components include IMP’s Phase-4 Gel Splint, the IMP De Mayo Rotractor adapter and the Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner. Other products in the IMP sports medicine line include the De Mayo Universal Distractor and the De Mayo Ankle Distractor which utilizes the same technology as the De Mayo Universal Distractor.

All of these solutions are ideal for arthroscopic repair of a full range of sports related injuries including rotator cuff, meniscus and cartilage damage.

Tri-pull secure solution: Innovation “from patient to pole”

IMP’s Tri-pull Secure Solution combines three proven systems to confidently secure, distract and ensure the rotation control of the shoulder precisely how the surgeon wants it. The systems include:

1. The Phase-4 Gel Splint

This splint increases comfort, protects skin, and controls internal and external rotation while adhesion holds the patient securely in place. The non-irritating IMP splint features a natural wrist contour for increased comfort and maintaining patient anatomy. It has three positioning holes at the top that will accept placement of a hook from any company’s pole-style shoulder positioner that utilizes hooks. In addition, these holes align perfectly with the De Mayo Rotractor adapter, allowing it to rotate and securely position the arm.

OR Today Magazine | December 2012 | IMP Innovative Medical Products“The forearm Phase-4 Gel Splint is easy to apply and does not move on the forearm during surgery,” notes Dr. Joseph Centeno, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. “The sterile splint is soft and sticky but will not tear the skin and it’s easy to remove. Another big advantage is that the splint is built with a plate in the forearm holder to accommodate the De Mayo Rotractor. The Rotractor holds the arm firmly in place in varying degrees of rotation which lets the surgeon get better access to the surgical site.”

2. The De Mayo Rotractor

This adapter delivers complete patient control in the sterile field, holding the fixed position of rotation and allowing distraction of the shoulder and elbow. “I can hold the arm in the exact amount of rotation I want,” says Dr. Centeno. “This is what most impressed me about the device. The Rotractor actually allows you the luxury to ‘dial’ in the rotation and lock it in place without tying up an assistant. It’s an extra set of hands for a busy OR.”

IMP’s patent-pending De Mayo Rotractor adapter is a precise positioner that controls rotation and movement without compromising the sterile field. It can be adapted to many existing pole-style positioners for shoulder surgery.

3. The Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner

This provides controlled distraction with three planes of adjustment for maximum flexibility. The positioner’s vertical safety stops eliminate the worry of equipment slumping or 3 falling onto the patient.

The IMP device is designed for shoulder or elbow arthroscopies for patients in the lateral position or with a Northstar Beach Chair. The positioner can be clamped to any OR table.

OR Today Magazine | December 2012 | IMP Innovative Medical Products

4. De Mayo Universal Distractor

IMP’s De Mayo Universal Distractor, used in conjunction with the De Mayo Knee Positioner®, allows full visualization of the posterior portion of the knee which is critical for sports medicine procedures. “Access to the posterior area enables the surgeon to more effectively repair, transplant or perform cartilage grafting using an arthroscope,” notes Dr. De Mayo. “Employing the same type of proven IMP technology for total knee replacement, the distractor allows the surgeon to perform these complex procedures more easily and quickly and without the help of an assistant. This ultimately means a shorter recovery time for the patient which is a real benefit.”

The De Mayo Universal Distractor® delivers precise, finite femoral distraction with a completely unobstructed view of the operative site. Reducing procedure time for unicompartmental, arthroscopies, ACL and TKA surgeries, the unique distractor eliminates the need for lamina spreaders, the use of a bone hook or manually pulling on the femur at the thigh during a Total Knee Arthroplasty. The distractor applies finite pressure to separate the joint space by means of a handle on the device that incrementally pumps the required distraction.

5. De Mayo Ankle Distractor

“Ankle arthroscopy is a growing field,” notes Dr. De Mayo. “It was a rare procedure ten years ago. But with better distraction we can now access the whole joint, even the posterior region with a camera scope. This means smaller incisions and less neurovascular damage. Now it is common to perform arthroscopies to repair or transplant cartilage involving the ankle or perform ankle fusion.”

Danny Choung, D.P.M. and Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, agrees: “I can clearly see the amount of distraction through the camera scope with the De Mayo distractor. With other ankle distraction methods, the camera could not always be in place and I would have to approximate the amount of distraction. With the IMP device, I can hold the camera with one hand and use the other hand to distract. It’s simplicity itself – just one ‘click’ to distract and another ‘click’ to un-distract. With other systems, you need both hands to distract. This also speeds up the surgical procedure, which means less general anesthesia time for the patient and more efficiency for the surgeon. The IMP solution is way more consistently reliable than other systems.

“The De Mayo Ankle Distractor makes me comfortable and confident because I know it will provide the precise amount of distraction I need when I need it. I’ve recently worked with a patient who had three previous ankle arthroscopies. In cases like this, the joint is usually a lot tougher and yet, with the De Mayo Ankle Distractor, I got a good amount of distraction without any difficulty.

“With the De Mayo distractor, you can focus more on the patient and the surgical procedure and less on setting up instruments and getting things in place before the surgery.”

Besides allowing a more thorough arthroscopic procedure to repair ankle damage, the De Mayo Ankle Distractor eliminates the need for leg incisions or osteotomies, cutting through the tibia to access the ankle. In addition, the IMP solution is unlike other ankle distractors by reducing the counter pressure placed against the thigh in a typical procedure. Such pressure can be harmful to the circulatory system. “The IMP distractor is a lot gentler for the patient,” notes Dr. Choung.

The De Mayo Ankle Distractor takes full advantage of the De Mayo Universal Distractor® technology. It is consistently reliable and is designed for all shapes and sizes of patients. Its ergonomic design positions the ankle to face toward the surgeon, rather than toward the ceiling, as Dr. Choung points out.


“Our new sports medicine line continues the IMP tradition of quality products for quality results,” says Jim Bailey, IMP president. “Our aim is to serve the patient, the surgeon and the OR staff with innovative product solutions that will deliver more effective outcomes for everyone involved. We accomplish this by paying close attention to our customers’ and our partners’ needs and recommendations. Covering all the bases, we are committed to offering the sports medicine world the best positioning solutions on the market.”

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