The new De Mayo Ankle Distractor, from Innovative Medical Products, gives surgeons a better approach to the surgical site while distracting the joint space to insert the surgical scope and instruments. The ankle distractor is part of IMP’s Innovative Sports Medicine line encompassing a full range of positioning devices for the arthroscopic surgical repair of sports-related injuries of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. The line employs the same type of positioning technology IMP has successfully developed for total joint replacement.

The IMP solution is unlike other ankle distractors by reducing the counter pressure placed against the thigh in a typical procedure. Such pressure can be harmful to the circulatory system.

“The IMP distractor is a lot gentler for the patient,” notes Danny Choung, M.D. and Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon.

The De Mayo Ankle Distractor is reliable and is designed for all shapes and sizes of patients. Unlike cumbersome strap devices to hold the ankle in place, the IMP distractor will not slip off the foot during surgery. Its ergonomic design positions the ankle to face toward the surgeon, rather than toward the ceiling, Choung points out. •

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