On recent field visits in the sterile processing and OR areas of various hospitals, staff members revealed that one challenge they face is being uncomfortably hot in their work environments. Shifts can be long and especially hot while wearing necessary PPE. With this in mind, Healthmark worked to deliver a solution and is pleased to be launching its Cool Aids cooling products.

OSHA specifies that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standard at 1910.132(d) requires every employer in general industry to conduct a hazard assessment to determine appropriate PPE to be used to protect employees from the hazards identified in the assessment. Keeping cool underneath PPE is important to employee comfort because it helps them effectively perform their tasks.

Cool Aids are designed to manage body temperature from the head, neck, chest and core body. They are available in beanies, skullcaps, neck wraps and vests. The combination of unique fabrics creates an evaporative temperature management system.

The products provide cool comfort for hours, and may be used multiple times. The vest is designed with cooling inserts that are refrigerated before each use. •

Additional information about Cool Aids is available at http://hmark.com/coolaids.php or by calling at 800-521-6224.