Discomfort from overheating is an on-the-job reality for many workers — and health care professionals like surgeons, who endure bright lights, sterile gowns, lead aprons, physical exertion and time stress as they perform high-intensity procedures, aren’t immune.

The Glacier Tek Cool Vest, an American-made, self-contained lightweight wearable personal cooling system that maintains a cool — but not cold — temperature, is a patented, USDA bio-based cooling solution that is a game-changer for surgeons and staff seeking temperature comfort in the sometimes-trying conditions of a typical operating room. This vest could also lead to better patient outcomes.

“Our product is a perfect solution to a situation many surgeons and operating room staff face. In fact, surgeons first came to us seeking the Glacier Tek Cool Vest because it is self-contained, bio-based and allows unencumbered freedom of movement in the OR,” said David Land, president, Glacier Tek.  “Research indicates a low temperature in the operating room can have adverse effects on not only a patient’s comfort, but recovery time as well. The Glacier Tek Cool Vest is one way to help surgeons and OR staff keep cool even during long, physically demanding surgeries.”

Glacier Tek’s patented phase change material (PCM) is superior to water-based personal cooling solutions in several ways. Worn around the body’s core in an easy-on, easy-off vest without tubes or tethers, Glacier Tek cools the body safely to a comfortable temperature. •

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