All core elements of GE healthcare’s Aisys Carestation are digitally controlled and measured. Aisys is equipped with communication protocols that enable digital data communication between all core subsystems. Ventilation capabilities include PCV-VG, volume control, pressure control, PSVPRO, SIMV, PCV and manual ventilation. The digital vaporizer in the Aisys includes continuous monitoring by multiple embedded sensors, which provide a comprehensive digital record of agent consumption. The integrated advanced breathing system (ABS) provides a low circuit volume (2.7 L), delivering fast-response, low-flow anesthesia. The rising multi-breath bellows provide immediate visual feedback. A comprehensive view of the patient’s ventilatory status is displayed and compared in flow, volume and pressure loops over time. The ventilator distinguishes between mechanical and spontaneous breaths and responds with a change of color in the waveform. The digital vaporizer alerts clinicians with agent-level alarms for all agents supported, and each gas is simultaneously monitored.