Innovative Medical Products Inc. new Estape TrenMAX is safer and secure positioning system that provides OR staff an alternative to all foam solutions when positioning patients for Trendelenburg surgical procedures. The key component of the TrenMAX system is IMP’s proprietary sticky pad. The Sticky Pad adheres directly to the patient’s torso and fastens securely to the OR table’s side rails to prevent patients from moving or sliding off the OR table. For maximum, secure fixation of the base pad to the OR table, TrenMAX employs patent-pending TrenMAX clamps that tightly secure the base pad hook-and-loop material straps affixed to the OR table’s siderails.

Besides its unique holding power, TrenMAX provides these benefits:

A system of arm straps that allow access to leads and IVs by anesthesiologists. Designed to meet AORN recommendations, IMP’s arm strap system prevents potential neurological impairment caused by sheet tucking.

TrenMAX does not require the use of a chest strap, therefore improving ventilation. Plus, it prevents nerve damage by eliminating pressure on the brachial plexus caused by shoulder-holder devices

Designed for single usage, The Sticky Pad is free from potential cross contamination.