Properly dried endoscope channels reduce the risk of infection. Studies indicate there is a strong correlation between moisture and microbe colonization within flexible endoscopes. The Airtime Instrument Channel Dryer uses filtered air to dry the air/water and suction channels after automated reprocessing. It ensures scopes are not stored or put into immediate use with wet channels. Airtime uses HEPA filtered air to dry the air/water, suction and auxiliary water channels after automated reprocessing. They are also available with a medical grade air option.
Features include:
• Uses two independent pumps and timers that will dry two scopes simultaneously.
• Air pressure will not drop when you begin drying a second scope.
• Airtime’s dual screen allows for two scopes to be dried with independent start and stop times.
• Restricted channel sensors will immediately shut off the Airtime pump and alert the user of a potentially clogged channel.
• Available options include; IV pole mount, wall mount or on a counter stand.

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