GAMMEX® Non-Latex Underglove and GAMMEX® Non-Latex Sensitive

GAMMEX® Non-Latex Underglove joins GAMMEX® Non-Latex Sensitive to create a specialized range of advanced latex-free and chemical accelerator-free surgical glove solutions, featuring Ansell’s proprietary SENSOPRENE® formulation. This dedicated neoprene surgical underglove sets a new standard for allergy management, offering easy identification of a glove breach with its contrasting green color. GAMMEX® Non-Latex Underglove offers the additional benefits of unprecedented comfort and sensitivity thanks to Ansell’s proprietary formers with enlarged thumb and palm areas. Featuring SENSOPRENE® formulation, and in combination with Ansell’s triple-dip manufacturing technology, you get a micro-thin yet durable neoprene glove offering excellent sensitivity with minimal bulk when double gloving.

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